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Octoplus Huawei Tool dongle
Item#: Huawei Tool
Price: USD$125.00
Market Price:USD$129.99
Wholesale Price:USD$120.00
Weight: 0.01kg
Subtotal:1*125.00=USD$ 125.00
HiSilicon and Qualcomm CPUs-based devices are supported. ~ Supported operations and features^*: + Read Info + Direct Unlock + Read Bootloader Code + Reset FRP + Reset Huawei ID + Factory Data Reset + Repair IMEI A/B + Repair Bluetooth MAC + Repair Wi-Fi MAC + Repair S/N + Repair Board S/N + Repair Vendor Code + Repair Country Code * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions or other reasons. ~ Necessary drivers: To install necessary drivers, install ?HiSuite by Huawei? (http://download-c.huawei.com/download/downloadCenter?downloadId=91283&version=356266&siteCode=worldwide). ~ Manufacturer Mode (for HiSilicon and Qualcomm CPUs-based devices): To enable Manufacturer Mode, type #*#2846579#*#, go to ProjectMenu > Background Settings > USB Port Settings > Manufacture Mode. ~ Fastboot Mode: To enable Fastboot Mode, do the next steps: 1. Power off the phone. Remove SD and SIM cards; 2. Press 'Vol-' and insert USB cable; 3. Wait until phone enters into ‘Fastboot' Mode. ~ How to connect devices: To connect device, do the next steps: 1. Install !necessary drivers!. 2. Press ?Auto detect? button. or 1. Install !necessary drivers!. 2. Check ?Manual select? option. 3. Select proper model from the list of Software. 4. Press ?Connect? button. Supported Huawei HiSilicon CPUs—based devices: ALE-CL00 ALE-L02 ALE-L04 ALE-L21 ALE-TL00 ALE-UL00 ALP-AL00 ALP-L09 ALP-L29 ANE-L21 ANE-LX1 BAC-AL00 BAC-L21 BAC-L22 BAC-L23 BAC-TL00 BAH-L09 BKL-AL00 BKL-AL20 BLA-AL00 BLA-L09 BLA-L29 BLL-L21 BLL-L22 BLL-L23 BLN-AL10 BLN-AL10B BLN-AL10C BLN-AL20 BLN-AL40 BLN-L21 BLN-L21HN BLN-L22 BLN-L23 BLN-L24 BLN-TL00 BLN-TL10 BND-AL10 BND-L21 BTV-DL09 BTV-W09 CAM-AL00 CAM-L03 CAM-L21 CAM-L23 CAM-TL00 CAM-TL00H CAM-UL00 CHM-U01 CRR-L09 CRR-UL00 DUK-AL20 DUK-L09 DUK-TL30 EDI-AL10 EVA-AL00 EVA-AL10 EVA-DL00 EVA-L09 EVA-L19 EVA-TL00 FIG-L21 FIG-L22 FIG-LA1 FIG-LX1 FIG-LX2 FLA-L22 FLA-LX2 FRD-AL00 FRD-AL10 FRD-L02 FRD-L04 FRD-L09 FRD-L14 FRD-L19 GRA-L03 GRA-L09 GRA-L13 GRA-UL00 GRA-UL10 HWI-AL00 HWT31 KNT-AL20 LLD-AL00 LLD-AL10 LLD-L21 LLD-L22A LLD-L31 LON-AL00 LON-L29 MHA-AL00 MHA-L09 MHA-L29 NEM-AL10 NEM-L21 NEM-L22 NEM-L31 NEM-L51 NEM-TL00 NEM-TL00H NMO-L23 NMO-L31 NTS-AL00 NXT-AL10 NXT-L09 NXT-L29 PIC-AL00 PIC-LX9 PLK-L01 PRA-AL00 PRA-AL00X PRA-LA1 PRA-LX1 PRA-LX2 PRA-LX3 PRA-TL10 RNE-L01 RNE-L02 RNE-L03 RNE-L21 RNE-L22 RNE-L22J RNE-L23 STF-L09 VEN-L22 VIE-AL10 VIE-L09 VIE-L29 VKY-AL00 VKY-L09 VKY-L29 VKY-L29A VKY-TL00 VNS-L01 VNS-L21 VNS-L22 VNS-L23 VNS-L31 VNS-L53 VNS-TL00 VTR-L09 VTR-L29 VTR-L29B WAS-AL00 WAS-L03T WAS-L21 WAS-L22 WAS-L22J WAS-LX1 WAS-LX1A WAS-LX2 WAS-LX2J WAS-LX3 Supported Huawei Qualcomm CPUs—based devices: AGS-L09 AGS-W09 ATH-AL00 ATH-UL01 BAH-W09 CAN-AL00 CAN-L01 CAN-L11 CAN-L13 CAZ-TL10 CPN-L09 DIG-L01 DIG-L03 DIG-L21HN DIG-L23 DLI-AL10 DLI-L22 DLI-L42 DLI-TL20 FDR-A01L FDR-A04L H1611 H1711 KII-L05 KII-L22 KII-L23 KIW-L21 KIW-L24 KIW-TL00 KIW-TL00H KOB-L09 LDN-L21 LDN-LX2 MLA-AL10 MLA-L01 MLA-L02 MLA-L03 MLA-L11 MLA-L12 MLA-L13 MLA-TL00 MLA-TL10 PLE-701L PLE-703L PLE-703LT RIO-L01 RIO-L02 RIO-L03 RIO-TL00 SCC-U21 SCL-AL00 SCL-L01 SCL-L02 SCL-L03 SCL-L21 SCL-L31 SCL-L32 SCL-TL00 SCL-TL00H SCL-U23 SLA-AL00 SLA-L02 SLA-L03 SLA-L22 TOR-A1 TRT-AL00 TRT-AL00A TRT-L21 TRT-L21A TRT-L53 TRT-LX1 TRT-LX2 TRT-LX3 VNS-AL00 VNS-L62 Y538 Octoplus Huawei Tool - Package Content: + Octoplus Huawei Dongle with Smart-Card – 1 pc. + 6 months of warranty + Free access to Octoplus Support Area
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